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Your breath is widely overlooked and undervalued.

Breathwork can enhance performance and recovery by increasing oxygen to your muscles, along with regulating your nervous system to reduce stress. 

Whether you're a professional or recreational athlete or own a strength gym, yoga studio or pilates, breathwork can help you become more effective and efficient in your given sport.  

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"breathwork has been an essential part of my training"


"Breathwork has been an essential part of my training as an endurance athlete. I ran 90% of the Atacama Crossing nasal breathing to increase oxygen delivery, reduce the onset of fatigue and to stay hydrated."

As an endurance athlete, Rory has competed in a number of international ultramarathons, including Ultra-Trail Australia 100km, The Atacama Crossing 250km (placing 13th) and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro.


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1 hour breathwork



Experience a session to help down-regulate your nervous system to help rest and recover

You’ll practice breathing techniques to increase oxygen delivery to speed up the recovery process

You’ll practice breathing techniques to move into the parasympathetic state to calm the mind and body to enhance recovery

This is perfect for individuals, teams, and clubs who’re looking to optimise performance and recovery

2 hour breathwork



In this theory and practical workshop, you’ll learn...

The science behind breathing

Importance of Functional v Dysfunctional breathing 

The physiology and psychology connected to your breath 

How to enhance performance through the breathing gears 

Learn the importance of, and how to increase CO2 tolerance

Learn the importance of nasal breathing

Learn how to breath to reduce the onset of fatigue

Experience the techniques used by teams and individuals in AFL, NRL and WSL

Practice the breathing gears on ski, row and bike erg

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